Beaufort Male Choir saddened by the loss of two long-serving and dedicated choristers.

A tribute by former Chairman and Life Member Gwyn Evans; 

Sadly, on December 7th, we received  news of the death of two of our choristers who had been held in high esteem.

The first was Hubert Cornelious who hailed from a much respected Brynmawr musical family – his sister had been a professional singer with the D’Oyly Carte Company and had worked with Sir Richard Tauber. In his early years with the Beaufort Male Choir Hubert had a fine bass voice and was a regular soloist in choir concerts over many years. He became a member of Brynmawr Operatic Society and was held in high regard over many years. In South Wales, local authorities staged prestigious competitions for singers and other artists which culminated in finals in Swansea; Hubert met with continuous success. However, over time, Hubert’s success in these competitions and his involvement with the choir diminished with age and his deteriorating health.

Lionel Lewis joined the Beaufort Male Choir at a relatively young age following in the footsteps of his father who had been an officer of the choir in the early years. Lionel’s treasured involvement in the choir was highly valued by other choristers, as was self evident from their reaction to the news of his loss. His worth can best be explained by saying that those people who are, or have been, members of successful male voice choirs like the Beaufort will realise that success is dependent not only on choristers with great musical ability but choristers who can engender the much needed comradeship as Lionel certainly did – in abundance; for this he will be long remembered with great affection by all who knew him! And of course his much appreciated and admired sense of humour which he used to great effect particularly his notable and unique contribution the ‘Delilah’!

Goodbye and God Bless Hubert and Lionel
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